Save Our Bees....


2% To the Bees!

We feel that its very important to give back and when we started Three Arrows Body co. we wanted to find a Canadian charity that was 100% not for profit. 

We decided on the Canadian Honey Council and Canadian Bee Research Fund - Save Our Bees - program which donates money directly into the Canadian Bee Research Fund, a registered charity that distributes funds for bee health research as a whole picture - Pests and Pathogens, Habitat and Forage, Nutrition, Pesticides and more. 

As this page suggests, we will be donating 2% of our web store profit to this organization in support Canadian bee health and furthering research into this area.

Why The Bees?

Without the bees we wouldn't have anything to offer you! All of our products rely on the pollination of plants and flowers to grow. From the Avocado and Hemp oils to the Aniseed and Lavender essential oils - Not to mention the Bees Wax! 

These little pollinators are essential to all natural products and our world as we know it. By donating to the Canadian Honey Council and Canadian Bee Research Fund we will help protect bee health as a whole.

If you would like to donate directly to Save Our Bees please click on the link below!

Donate Here