Where do Three Arrows Body Co. Ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are sourced from only the best suppliers in Canada.
Countless hours of research and testing has gone into each and every ingredient that we use to make sure that you get the best possible product at the end of the day. Our mission since day one has been to provide the products we would use ourselves to our customers.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from several Canadian vendors in Alberta and British Columbia. We do our best to support our local community as much as possible while ensuring that the quality of our products remains high and our prices stay affordable. 
We select only premium oils, clays and other all-natural materials to go into our products. Each ingredient we purchase has been background checked for place of origin and quality. We do our best to find Fair Trade ingredients to ensure that only the best quality products make it to you while supporting those who make our materials.

Do you offer Sulfate Free, Paraben Free products?

Three Arrows Body Co. products are Paraben-Free and Sulfate-Free with the exception of our conditioner. We have yet to find a recipe that gives us the quality we are looking for without the use of a sulfate.

Is you deodorant Baking Soda Free?

We do have a magnesium based clay deodorant! this is great for those with sensitive skin or that have tried baking soda based natural deodorants before with mixed results.

Do you offer organic certified products?

We have definitely talked about this... a lot, and it's in the works! 
We also think it's important to provide products at a reasonable price. 

When available, organic certified ingredients are used in the production of our products. However the price of 100% organic product materials is still very expensive and until we can offer it at a reasonable price to you - we will continue to use quality, non-organic certified ingredients in our products to help keep costs responsible and reasonable.

Do you make any vegan products?

Yes, currently our shampoo, conditioner, ingrown hair solution and beard oil are vegan! we are working on finding a good way to incorporate more vegan products into our line. Please reach out with suggestions of things you would like to see!

Are all of your scents made with 100% essential oils?

100% essential oils guaranteed!
In Three Arrows Body Co. products we refuse to use any artificial perfumes, colours or flavours in our products.