My name is Tye and I am the founder of Three Arrows Body Co.

I like to spend a lot of free time outdoors in the Rocky Mountains near my home of Calgary, Alberta. Between hiking, snowboarding and splitboarding I have had a fair number of run-ins with trees in the area and I always love the smell of fresh pine. When playing in the backcountry but working in the city meant waiting till the weekend to go play in the bushes again I wanted to smell like a tree. I wanted to find a way to recreate that scent when I was in the city so I was never to far removed from nature.
After unsuccessfully looking for deodorants and beard balms that could give that same smell of fresh pine I decided to try make my own using some basic recipes from friends and the internet. 
My first few attempts didn't go so well, as you would expect - staining clothes, wrong consistency, smell and so on. However after more attempts and a little research I found ingredients that worked for me - and will work for you too! 

My end goal was to provide recipes that are pleasing to the nose and the body whenever they are used. It didn't take long before friends and co-workers were interested in my products and I started to produce things like shampoos, conditioners and more. This is when Three Arrows Body Co. really started to gain momentum and became a reality; to provide all natural products to everyone from head to toe.
I am always looking forward to what the future holds and I am hopeful that Three Arrows Body Co. can provide you with what it has provided for me - a connection to nature found only by smelling like a tree!


Why Buy Three Arrows products over all of the others?

We are not the type to cut corners; We work hard to research every ingredient that goes into our products to make sure you are getting a quality, all-natural product. 

When sourcing our ingredients we prefer to buy local. If we can’t find it locally we make sure to buy from other Canadian business and suppliers. Supporting local business and Canadian Business is very important to us and we believe that our loonies should stay in Canada.

We do our very best to find ethically sourced and fair trade items available to us to provide you with the best product we can.
All of our packaging is recyclable and we are currently looking at options for biodegradable packaging!

We have tested all of our creations on ourselves first, our friends second and never on animals!


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