Support Local


Community is very important to us at Three Arrows Body Co. The support of our community has helped us turn dreams into reality. We think it's important to give back to that community that helped support us from day one.


One Love Float

Based in NW Calgary, these lovely humans really gave us a chance and helped us in the development of our product lines. 
Treeka, owner of One Love Float will tell you herself how amazing floating is, so amazing she dropped everything and focused her life to floating and building a float centre!
If you have never tried floating before this is the place to go! A safe, friendly and calming environment supported by the community. 
We have developed a specific line of products with One Love Float that can only be found and used exclusively at their centre. For all of your post-float needs our products are available in special One Love scents and packaging. Try them out today by booking an appointment!

Thanks for the opportunities Float Humans!


Ascension Float Centre

Ascension Float Centre is a brand new float centre in Airdrie, Alberta. Owners Rian and Harley are extremely passionate about providing a great experience for new and experience Floaters alike! 
We had the pleasure of getting introduced to them through One Love Float and we hit it off right away. We have been working with Ascension to create custom one off scents for their float tanks. Be Ready to Ascend in the morning and Descend in the evening with these unique scents only available at Ascension Float Centre.

These two people share the same energy and excitement that we do in everything they do. We think that you will feel that too when you visit them at their sanctuary.


Kent of Inglewood

Kent of Inglewood is Canada’s premiere retailer for all things shave. Their mission statement “Every man should have an excellent axe, a stiff cocktail, and a perfect shave.” really exemplifies the experience you will have in one of their stores.

Selecting only the best products they can find, this is a mens grooming store like no other. If you are in the neighbourhood of one of their four locations go in, say hi and take a look at their amazing wears.


Revelstoke Trading Post

Revelstoke Trading Post is a brand new, locally minded and locally focused shop featuring only the best small and handcrafted products from local producers from around Western Canada. 
Next time your around, pop in, slap some high fives and check out this shop of curated goods selected for every walk of life. 


The Flannel Crew

Who are the Flannel Crew?

A bunch of friends from Calgary, Alberta with a shared passion for bikes, flannel, trail building and good times! 
These dedicated mountain bikers are all about building the stoke for the local community and representing the best our mountains have to offer. We highly suggest you check out their instagram and Youtube pages.
If you meet them on the trail they will probably show you around, don't forget to ask what their favourite Three Arrows Body Co. product is too, the whole crew is smelling like a tree! 

Forever Bee.png

Forever Bee Apiary

We believe in supporting other local businesses, thats why all of the bees wax used in Three Arrows Body Co. products comes from Forever Bee located just outside Calgary Alberta.

Forever Bee strives to provide the highest quality products to their customers.  Their products include raw honey, flavoured honey, honeycomb, beeswax, candles and so much more.  They share our passion for staying close to nature and creating healthy products for their customers and family.


Royal Board Shop

If it wasn't for these guys we would have never had the inspiration, knowledge or courage to take on Three Arrows Body Co. 
With the help and guidance of the owner Ryan we were able to learn what needs to be done to run your own business. It also helps that this is where Tye and Ellen met for the first time, with out this local board shop we wouldn't be here today.
Thanks for all the good times Boys!


Glow Health & Vitality has given both of us a new perspective on what a mixed practice clinic can be. With the support and friendship of the very skilled staff at this practice it has given Ellen the ability to build her practice here in the city while putting both of us back together again on multiple occasions. 
If you are in the need of a quality and relaxed environment for a Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and more take a look into the staff at Glow Health & Vitality


Scott has been a huge influence since meeting back in 2010. Seeing what he is able to do for other businesses and the outdoor lifestyle Scott has built for himself it definitely gave the inspiration to start Three Arrows Body Co. 
Scott has also given us a lot of advice as a start up and ideas to get us going.
Thanks for the Help Scott!


Alberta Snowboarding Association has given us an amazing community and connected us with so many amazing people. Not only are we into human powered travel in the mountains, Tye is also a judge and volunteer for the Alberta Snowboard Association. Working with too many people to name here that have contributed a lot to our development and given us so many great experiences. 
If you love snowboarding like we do and want to connect with a great community this is a good organization to look at.
Thank you to everyone who is part or has been part of this organization!